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Rest in Peace, part 3 (Final)

We ran into my grandfather’s room, to throw ourselves on his dead body and beg his forgiveness for not believing that he was going to leave us.

 He was sitting up poking at bowl of yellow jell-O. “Man, I hate Jell-O, could we go home and get some ice cream?”  He asked with a cat eating shit grin on his face. He looked healthy, not discolored from lack of oxygen face. He looked wonderful and full of life.

The doctor explained that the progression of the emphysema was gone and that he was back to having three quarter breathing capacity in one of his lungs. “He can’t live forever like that but today is not the day he is going to die” he smiled.

 “Are you sure” I snapped, I wasn’t going through this again. He said that my grandfather had got better hours ago, but they wanted to run tests before they said anything.

“The angel of death” as I like to call him, thanked my grandmother for changing his whole life and the way that he viewed medicine and science. Now, he now actually believed in miracles. So do we J

My grandfather lived for three more happy years. Every morning, he got up, looked out his bedroom window, sat my gram on his lap and sang along to his cardinal music box which played, Oh what a beautiful morning.

Harold Brady succumbed to pneumonia on Memorial Day 1993. Gloria Brady died from lung cancer November 6, 2010. True love like that is sure to live on.

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“Rest in peace Part 2”

 He tossed his hands up in the air and went and got another Doctor. They both explained to my grandmother, me and my mother that the disease had spread and there was no possible way he was going to live. My gram refused to go into to see my grandpa, because she didn’t want to look at him and give up.

 This really upset the doctor. “You have been married for forty three years, you don’t want to say goodbye to your husband, because your book told you he was gonna live!”

The doctors took me and my mother on the side and told us we needed to talk some sense into her or she would regret it for the rest of her life. I told my mom right in front of the doctor about the scriptures gram had randomly opened up to.

 And my mom said “If my mother believes he’s gonna survive, then he is gonna survive.”

He shuffled back to the ICU where my grandfather was.

Three hours had passed, before he emerged from my grandfather’s side.  My heart sank, I still remember that feeling when the doctor came out of my grandfather’s room, he was crying.

 We were wrong, he died and we didn’t say goodbye, because we were wrong.

To be continued tomorrow.

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Gloria Brady “Rest in Peace”

Memorial Day is a great day to remember my grandfather, Harold Brady, not only because he died on that day in 1993 in a V.A. Hospital. But because he was a war hero in World War 2 in the United States Air Force.

 My grandfather, Harold Brady was a book binder in a mass book printing factory his whole life with no air conditioning, no fans, and windows. Not too mention two packs of camels per day. So in his fifites he was diagnosed with emphysema, it eventually got to the point that he had to retire early and wheel around a tank of oxygen.

 My Grandmother Gloria Brady was a Christian Minister with her own Church, Rhema Fellowship. She is a whole other story; she is a stunning woman that did many great things in her life. But one day of her life stands out to me the most.

 My Grandpa’s emphysema continued to grow worse; he already had been down to three quarters of one lung that actually worked. One day he was rushed to the hospital unable to breathe on his own at all.

 The Doctor took my Grandmother on the side and explained to her that this was it, this disease had taken its toll and he was only expected to live a few hours and we should say our goodbyes and cancel any plans we had for the day.

 My Grandmother a very soft spoken, sweet woman screamed “NO” the doctor had a sympathetic look on his face and hugged my grandmother. “I am so sorry that is happening to you.”

 She pushed him away with one hand and shouted “No” again. He said “I know you’ve been married a long time. I understand that this is hard to digest.”

 My Gram called me over. She said this doctor doesn’t understand, your grandfather is not gonna die today. I read it in my bible. I don’t remember the scriptures she had showed me right now, but they actually said that we were gonna see a miracle.

 To be continued tomorrow.

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Just like the banner says when my novel is released I will give a portion all my profits to the Animal Welfare League.

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MY First ever guest Blog Septemebr 30, 2010

On September 30, 2010, I (Keira Kroft) will be doing a guest blog on Desert Island Keepers, an awesome blog site. The blog will be in reguards to the starting of and what it can do for you! Check it out it’s uber cool! So many blog’s, so many hottie’s, so little time.

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